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         History of Croatian wine dates to 5th century BC, when Ancient Greek settlers located their wine production on southern Dalmatian islands Hvar, Vis and Korčula. The landscape and climate here are ideal for the few traditional grape varieties which has survived.

         Hvar is the most sunny island in Croatia and the combination of its 300 sunny days per year and steep southern slopes where grapes are grown it provides perfect conditions for producing one of the best red wines in the world. This combination is even multiplied by the sun rays reflected from the sea. Winters are mild and the temperatures are in average above 10ºC (50ºF).







Plavac Mali


        Plavac Mali is one of the economically most important grape variety on Hvar. Its earliest written reference dates back to 1821 and talks about the “Kleine Schwarz kerntraube” (Plavac Mali means something like Small Blue). 

         The Small Blue, Plavac Mali is known for producing rich, flavourful wines that are high in both alcohol and grape tannins. Common flavours and aromas include blackberries, dark cherries, pepper, and spices.

         Team of experts in 1998 discovered that Plavac Mali is a relative of Zinfandel, Dobričić and Crljenak Kaštelanski.




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Way to the vineyards of Sveta Nedjelja, Hvar.